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Raise Your Hopeful Voice

You have a choice, you'll make it now.

The Samurai Butterfly
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My public journal is where_is_karen.

This is my as private-as-you-can-get-on-the-internet journal. Add me if you like but I can't promise I'll add you back.

"At least once a day, witout fail, my computer, like every computer I have ever owned, has some kind of an emotional breakdown. It simply stops working- often when I'm not touching it- and puts up a message on the screen informing me that an error has occured. It does not say what the error is, nor where it occurred. For all I know, it occured in New Zealand, and my computer found out about it via the Internet, and it became so upset that it could not go on."

-Dave Barry

"Dear Tom Cruise,
Your lack of belief in the existence of clinical depression tells me one thing: you didn’t spend $10 to see War Of The Worlds. If vitamins can possibly help me out of this spiraling funk, please let me know which ones. Dinos? Pebbles? Freds? Please, I’m crying out for help."

-Alton Brown

27 October, 2007: Hey Tim. I miss you. Pull some strings up there for me, ok?

Not Just for Dec. 1

Marriage is love.

Proper Grammar is Love

The Immature LJ Me
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